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Dear MZZZ Mod Just Groovy!.
The forum is open to abuse your fourm is offering a haven to the Powers of Deception as it is too much of a free for all and has no foundation in any ideology or faith and no mission statement.
You and the owner have designed it that way so you cant complain if it goes from bad to worse.I consider some of the posts here by the poster leonardo as out right spamming and thus insulting & interrupting serious dialogue i therefore request that you atleast do something about it! This is not the first time this posters has tried these tactics & he was booted off the forum by previous owner Makow.So unless you cc to become a complete circus may i respectfully suggest you start using your powers and actually moderating some posts for profanities and spamming!.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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