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Default Re: This site needs to go viral: All Need to Know Info!

Again, since there are so many posts per day, the existence of is left in the dark, so given that the current content is needed by the world, AS MANY PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE NEED TO SEE THIS INFORMATION! - It's all in one place, & I think it's a great activist tool to get the 'normal' people to wake up!
You dont seem to realise many of the folks you claim are ignorant actually know as much as you do they simply believe in what is happening because they are willing participants or foot soldiers of the WATCH or play ignorant or ridicule when questioned by nutty conspiracy kooks eg like us.
Remeber conspiracy kooks are the loonie fringe in most educated western nations when was the last time you heard an academic at University or college in the english speaking world suggest or encourage belief in Illuminist conspiracy they will however encourage counter culture fabianism, liberalism and cultural marxism.
Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
Lord Acton.
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