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Default Re: Predictive Programming, Watching movies with a critical eye

Invoking the Beyond is a 7 part radio interview series of the Collins Brothers (Paul and Phillip) being interviewed by Vyzygoth on predictive programming in culture. Done in 2007.

I have added relevant pictures to the interviews and condensed them into a three part video series. This is part 2of3.

Topics include: Rosemary’s Baby, Lucifer Rising, The Exorcist, Angel Heart, Invader’s from Mars, Oedipus, Clear and Present Danger, The Prisoner, Dune, HG Wells - The World Set Free, The Atomic Bomb, Truman, Roosevelt, “The Yellow Peril”, Billington - Fire in the Minds of Men, Minute Men, Lost, Jericho, The Stand, The Sum of All Fears, 1984, Brave New World, They Live, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Omega Man, Soylent Green, Edward Bellamy - Looking Backward, Theodor Adorno, Flash Gordon, Bertrand Russell, Robert A Heinlein, Floyd Gibbons - The Red Napoleon, Robespierre, Roosevelt’s New Deal, HG Wells- The Shape of Things to Come, New World Order, Heinlein’s - The Day After Tomorrow and Starship Troopers, AQ Khan

Vyzygoth Interviews Phillip and Paul Collins - Invoking the Beyond 2 of 3 One Phil-for-every-ill Blog
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