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Question Re: Are the Masons evil?

Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post
Your plain wrong there Hitler was very much into the occult secret society thing as were many high ranking men of his time. True he may not have been a Freemason however he was part of a theosphist spin off known as the "Thule Society" an occult Order this where Hitler sourced many of his Nazis ideas including the Aryan master race thing from Blatavatskys writings like the "Secret Doctrine" also a favourite of some Masonic orders.Whether hitler encouraged or hated freemasonry is a mute point because his ideals were inspired by occult ideals with the same source as Freemasonry in Gnosticism, Qabalism and other mystery pagan religions of antiquity. I have studied this subject well so your not dealing with fool in my case. It will take little more to pull the wool over my eyes if your still around mate!.
This is the most intelligent thing you've said in this thread.

What part of 'the Queen is head of all of these societies' do you not understand.

Do you work for her directly?
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