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Default Re: rotschild family vs the royal famalies

The Money Masters are the CONTROLLERS and not the Queen of England.

The Rothschild family are at the top.

Try reading the quotes by atoms.2008.

There are certain other industries that aid in the destruction of society, such as the music industry, entertainment industry, media, etc., and these are controlled by the DESTROYERS and those who work towards these means for them whether knowingly or unknowingly.

Just as the Money Masters control the wealth of the world, certain others control the wealth of other lucrative fields.

In this sense, the puppets within these industries help to further the DESTROYER's agenda to weaken the fabric of America and are bestowed with fortune and/or fame for doing so.

Some people will do anything for money.

There are many industries that amass great fortune and this fortune stays within a select group, but, at the top, are the Money Masters who control the wealth of the world.

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