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Default Re: So, about the economy ...

Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post
Nice red herring by the way no american uses proper grammar your english is just retarded over there! For example a nation uses ZZs instead of SSs or spells gaol, jail or calls strawberry Jam jelly and jelly, jello, however I digress. I prefer English grammar myself not some bubble gum version. btw where are these spelling errors of mine ??
Not a red herring. You called me stupid, and then proceeded to bombard my senses with bad grammar and spelling errors. As far as I know, punctuation isn't something that has been shunned by the English speaking community as a whole.

Originally Posted by Ozziecynic
You say "Our MONEY?" who said it belonged to you or anyone else in the first place? Also, you say "money," which money? Financial bonds or stocks or cash? The former doesn't exist if it wasn't for interest charged. If the banks don't lend, you don't have interest, hence you have no bonds, no stocks, no loans, no mortgages and hence no western lifestyle of affluence! Why is the average Middle class yank so stupid they just don't get it!? They're to take responsibility for their spending and borrowing, they expect too much comfort!

I hope this helps
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