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Default Re: So, about the economy ...

Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post

Just dont get do you BA! RESPONSIBILITY=EVERYONE!.

next youll be posting a call for all bankers to be shot or gased!!.
They had a job they did it they respond to the supply and demand of greedy people so they did their jobs. However some fools just dont pay their bills with interest on time or at all!.
Actually, Ozzie, you would be the one who doesn't get it. The very rich are very rich due to the outrageous interest they charge us to borrow from their banks/them.

The wealth of the world remains with a select group/few due to this fact and many others as I've pointed out.

It is laughable that you feel sorry for the Money Masters because they lose money when people can't pay their bills.

I'm sure they make enough to compensate for that loss through their corporations, the stock market, the music industry, the oil business, the entertainment industry, pornography, the global sex trade, illegal/legal drugs, weapons selling, etc.

Some of their banks made bad loans.

Real estate prices were inflated and they made more bad loans.

I'm sure they made plenty of interest from these bad loans and so if they bit themselves in the ar*se, they deserve what's coming to them.

Actually, I don't condone gasing or shooting people.

That's what they do.
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