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Default Re: Buy Gold! If you can get it.

Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post
The above is perfect example of what I am talking about those that wont take responsibilty for their own problems!!

Oh and btw theres alot worse off people in the world than Middle class white people in western nations.
Remember the continent just to the sth of you there in the US how about india or africa or stheast Asia dont tell me your hard done by.
On another note I garauntee the average one of you is richer than yours truly for example thats if you want to start jeolousy war however i dont think we want to go there... or do we!.And one more thing your alot more like redrat than you think BA!! Thats why i say you yanks are all fascists at heart when the chips are down you show your true colours black & red, the hatred spews out in a gush!.

I take it BA may now be voting for Mccain not that it matters either way I guess.

It doesn't matter who I'm voting for.

Inticement, Ozzie, to take the money.

An appraisal of a home is mandatory when one re-finances, buys, takes out a mortgage, etc.

When real estate prices are inflated and one receives a second mortgage, great.

But, when the real estate market collapses, it ain't so great.

Two mechanisms at play in this scenario.

I don't spew hatred nor am I anything like Redrat.

You can go anywhere you want to go.

Don't let me stop you.

Jealousy war!?!


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