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Post Re: Are the Masons evil?

Maybe someone else can help you. You just keep repeating questions and saying off the wall stuff LOL, almost like a BOT...
In regards to why the profane dont like Freemasons it is due to just the fact that you consider most of us to be little more than cattle or lambs to the slaughter.
The Freemasonic doctrine towards the profane which i have read in various places is no different from the jewish talmud and its attitude towards gentiles.
Infact most that have spilt beans Freemasonry and spread anti masonic propaganda are actually cowans eg OFF members etc. I am sure you get my drift, just about every single source of anti sentiment starts with a disgruntled ex member every single one.
You and his worshipfulness in this forum could actually make a start on the road toward reconciliation with yours truly at least by answering my questions addressed to Masons when i ask them like the one in:"Are masons Monotheists thread." Or is that too much to ask.

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely
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