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Question Re: Freemasons and Monotheists Worship Satan

Has anyone read about the Cathars of the 12th/13th century
To Worshipful Master

I have i have also read many things about Gnostic societies which which brings me to question ive been meaning to ask a mason and Master Mason like yourself should definitely be qualified to answer.
The Question is so how did Freemasonry evolve from being like the cathars teaching the material world was evil and that of the false material God the Demiurge to GAOTU & freemasonry involved in political intrigues eg subversive movements which are very Material matters or science like the Royal society in 15 century England with Flood and Francis Bacon .
Why do masons today have logical postivist view of the world that science & technology(not that this is all bad ofcause) and materialism is all good when most pure Gnostic groups taught disdain for the material world and a particular disdain for the OT and Jewish God whom they termed the Demiurge the creater of this eon which they believe is profane.
I would appreciate your response sorry for any bluntness or rudeness I may have shown towards yourself & brothers, however until i get answers my fear towards your universal order will not subside easily.
Also do masons believe that Magdalane was Christs wife or Sophia Pistis of most gnostic groups. By the way I am not expecting you to tell me I have to join your frat just to get a few general answers as most of these questions I am posing are open knowledge to those that read and research the subject thoroughly outside of Freemasonry membership, so theres no esoteric secrets you will be giving away to a profane individual like me so theres nothing to lose in being open!.
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