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Default LUCIFER PROJECT update for 2010 (title of Luciferian A.C. Clarke's novel)

In the novel "2010" Jupiter was ignited. If Clarke was an insider at all we should take a closer look at 2010 for a contrived event. Clarke originally wanted to set "2010" at Saturn but was convinced otherwise....

New Page 1 <--- New article

Author is J.C. Goliathan

The new Cassini mission extension is called "Equinox Mission". Saturn not only has its own vernal equinox in 2009, but passes our Celestial Autumnal Equinox in 2010 just as Uranus and Jupiter pass the Celestial Vernal Equinox on the opposite end making for a grand set of Equinox passings.....

Cassini-Huygens: News <--- New NASA polar images

Saturn North and South Pole oddities --- new pics just released by NASA with comments....

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