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Default Re: So, about the economy ...

Originally Posted by Raiderdad View Post
I'm not sure how to respond to that...but I'll try

Zeitgeist has nothnig to do w/cnbc or making money for that matter. A simple google will give u a short explanation as to what it is all about. In short, the 1st 45 mins or so speaks to religion & how it manipulates....then the next 45 mins or so speaks to how the govts manipulate....from the masses to money flow. Also goes into a few other areas such as the real truth behind why there is short to keep the masses suppressed & then of course for all big power players to profit from.

You really need to watch it....that is if you have an open mind...& most especially w/conspiracy theories.

Do I sense a hint of anger in your post? maybe it's sarcasm that I am missing & not anger? not sure....but at any rate my intentions for coming here were not to present some sorta money making scheme or get rich quick thing.....not even close.

Like I say.....look into least watch the first few mins....then after that, if ya dont like where it's all means stop watichin it...I'm not here to force views upon anyone....only here to discuss things in a healthy manner w/those who are interested in this topic. Again....this thread seemed like it would be a slam dunk for having lotza folks who'd be interested in this topic...perhaps my assumptioms are off base....whatever.

Lastly....w/re to what Ichan is proposing.....u really need to simply read the brief paragraph about what he's triyng to do b4 you automatically turn a deaf ear to him simply b/c he's a captialist. & his group has nothnig to do w/making money.....only in that he's attempting to clean up Wall St & make the CEO's accountable for once....which in turn will of course help the shareholders in the long run. Tho if The Venus Project had its' way.....there wouldnt be need for this at all since all currencies would be wouldn't that be quite the end game?

There isn't any anger in my post.

And, you missed the entire point.

You said that you watch CNBC all day.

That was the reason for my comment.

I was not commenting on Zeitgeist nor did I insinuate that you were here to promote some get rich quick scheme.

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