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Default Re: this site is dangerouse !

Originally Posted by ice View Post
i am leaving this site in protest !

at first i thought it was kicking !

after 3days of astute observations , i am sickened by what i see .

every one bitching ! fighting ! slagging off !

worst of all , ive seen babies indicated as having evil in them .

poeple who dare not answere questions ! just because the question leads to many bigger things !

poeple having problems with this site , i too get them , and its not the first time .

ive experienced all this before , and that aswere was not a simple machine error but more over that i had upset a scenior member because i had investigated a site suiside commited bye a member .

i am getting the same affects hear , and it isnt me ! it isnt my computer !

i never had these problems on any other forum but the old one and this one .

this site is full of extrememly over the edge , minded poeple who are teading on very dangerouse grounds . and it has nothing to do with the NWO , or mind control or anything else for that matter .

this site is full of suisidal , manic depressed , over the edge , dangerouse minded , and twisted poeple , that have amny hall marks of extreme padded cell syndrome .if i didn know any better , i would say many are satanic operatives looking for victims .

im off ! im never coming back here again !

i don't know what's happened here. i came over from save the males a few years ago. club conspiracy was a pretty good resource. i'm not sure, but dr makow may not be running it anymore. i'll have to find out for sure, but i wouldn't leave yet. sure, there's always going to be a few trolls around and script kiddies, but from i remember most users are pretty sensible and intelligent.
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