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Default Re: Destroying the community

Could'nt agree more Ahmed.

By dividing us between race, religion, sex and even family lines we stand naked before the State.

Even in big cities it is still possible to form community and even produce ones own food through permaculture techniques.

By relying on each other we cut our dependance on the State.

I say let the State wither and die. Turn our backs on it in a slow and deliberate long term plan to weed ourselves away.

Turn to each other. Forget about the polititions. Forget about voting. Drop out. Stop buying their worthless crap.

The danger? In 1973 the National Security Council released a paper on what were the threats faced by the U.S. No1- people would form communities and 'drop out' causing the system to collapse. I will try and find this paper. My only fear is that they will go after communities with this philosophy like they went after The Branch Davidians.

Oh well. I guess if we have to fight we have to fight. Maybe they should know this?
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