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Default Re: Disney manipulation

Originally Posted by makaveli View Post
yeah I have but they are more about adverstising and other subliminal messages I'm more looking for disney cause it is understandable (not legal) that commercial corparations use subliminals to further there output but if disney is doing do infuelnce your sexuality you know most definitly that there is something really wrong with that.
Funny, isn't it?

The oh, so pure Disney corporation fiddling with all of our minds; grasping hold of our toddlers and continuing to influence them throughout their youth.

Sure, their children's movies have subliminal messages and masked sexual content, but who would question it?

Most children love everything Disney.

Kind of like Freemasonry being engaged in devious/illegal activities and hiding it, "can't touch this organization," because they are involved in children's charities.

Can you even comprehend the amount of money this corporation generates in merchandise sales; not to mention movies, the music industry, television series, Disney Land and DisneyWorld?

The mind's of our children are programmed through television from a very young age.

Television/Cinema/Music are their most effective tools.
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