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Default Re: Disney manipulation

Originally Posted by Raiderdad View Post
However let us not forget the role of the parents here.

& this in a nutshell has been what's truly wrong in the way our society has been raising kids.

my kids enjoy Disney just as much as all their friends do....heck, we even took'em down there to Anaheim this summer (I know I know...bad parents, bad parents!!) however I feel that just as the buck stops w/bush (as in allowing leverage to go from 12-1 to 40-1..this would all be bad enuff at 12-1) it also stops w/the parents. I feel we can allow our kids to watch (w/in reason of more than an hr or 2 a day) this stuff as long as we educate them & make sure that they are aware that it is ONLY TV....a medium of recreation....NOT an instiller of beliefs & values....that is up to the parents to make sure they are following thru with.

& speakin of which.....I gotta & the 3 yr old gotta go out & do our thing.....catch up w/ya'll a lil later on....

Society has a role as well in protecting our children, but when the CONTROLLERS own the media, own television, own the music industry, the entertainment industry, than SOCIETY cannot protect our children from the infiltration of their very young and impressionable minds.

This is how they GROOM, shape and mold our youngsters without having direct contact with them.

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