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Default Re: Zeitgeist & The Venus Project

Originally Posted by Raiderdad View Post
Again...I had no idea choosing the wrong word here was gonna even be an issue....I think ya got my point even so, no?

this is gonna be tough if I'm gonna be constantly graded/judged here by lil things like'd be nice if we could move beyond that so we can move forward & not taking up such time on matters as such. TYVM!!
I wondered about your choice of the word YOUR freedoms instead of OUR freedoms.

That's all.

It's not an issue unless you choose to make it one.

You can move beyond it, I'm sure.

Constantly graded and criticized?


I wondered about something.

Seems you're blowing this way out of proportion.

Who is taking up so much time on this matter?

Not me.

No need to respond.

Just move forward.

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