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Default Re: Zeitgeist & The Venus Project

Originally Posted by Raiderdad View Post
Surely u must be kidding w/all this....was it not YOU who made it an issue in the 1st place? I wasn't the one who was wondering about the use of a silly was you who took the time to point that out not I...all I did was answer you & explain why I selected the word...yet you wanna pass it all off as if I'm the one whose all hung up on something....wadda hoot.

moving on woulda been to not get all hung up on such a silly thing to begin with...the mere fact that you even felt the need to bring up & point out such silly matter (choice of words) speaks volumes....& then pass it all off as if I'm the one whose being nit picky.....too funny u r.

makes one think you really enjoy being argumentitive....sorry....I aint there ya have it....but asking me to move on..move on from what? the fact that I replied to your question?

Whatever....OK....moving on if that's what ya wanna hear...actually, it sounds like you didn't wanna hear anything in reply b/c you told me no need to do nice of you to try & save me from a dreaded reply.

tell ya what BA....just ignore me & I'll do the same w/u...I think that'll be best moving forward....gettin all caught up on the small stuff as it seems you were (you were the one who 1st felt the need to point out the use of word & questioned me on it...remember?) is something for which I have no patience how about this....I'll take a page oudda your need to reply...just move on...LMAO!!

But I can't guarantee you that I wont use the word "your" again as oppsoed to "our" in the pls....try not to overthink yourself to death about it's way too short. Trust me....I'm not one of "them" LOL!!

e=BlueAngel;52331]I wondered about your choice of the word YOUR freedoms instead of OUR freedoms.

That's all.

It's not an issue unless you choose to make it one.

You can move beyond it, I'm sure.

Constantly graded and criticized?


I wondered about something.

Seems you're blowing this way out of proportion.

Who is taking up so much time on this matter?

Not me.

No need to respond.

Just move forward.

I didn't make it an issue.

I made a comment about it.

Let it go.

Who said you were ONE OF THEM?

Not me.

I merely questioned the improper use of YOUR freedoms instead of OUR freedoms in one of your posts.

From that, you've ascertained that I think you're one of them; a government plant.

I never insinuated such.

FYI, I don't overthink.

I'm a critical thinker.

Let it go.

Life's too short to sweat the small stuff.

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