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The London foreign exchange market is the largest in the world with a $753bn foreign exchange turnover each day (31% of the global share and more than New York and Tokyo combined)), London has 43% of the global foreign equity market, 70% of all eurobonds traded in London(oh the irony), London has $643bn daily turnover in 'over the counter' derivatives (42% of global share). There are 242 foreign banks in London (for comparison a city like Sydney has 34) and 519 foreign companies are listed on the London Stock Exchange, London is home to 75% of Fortune 500 Companies and is home to more than 150 of europe's top 500 companies. If it were a country, the London metropolitan area would be the 13th largest economy in the world - higher than the GDP of nations like Holland and Australia. That's all pretty impressive and it's only the half of it.
London - Ratings and Reviews of London, England.

Who really controls American policies?

Queen Elizabeth II of England, in all her munificence, has conferred an honorary knighthood on Alan Greenspan. This is in recognition of his "outstanding contribution to global economic stability and the benefit that the UK has received from the wisdom and skill with which he has led the US Federal Reserve". Although, as he is not a UK citizen, he is denied the amusement of calling himself Sir Alan Greenspan (thus firmly remaining Mr Greenspan), he does now have the pleasure of appending the letters KBE to his name, making him a noble Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire.
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he islands of the Caribbean have long played a key role in the British Empire's assault against the United States. The Brits set up the offshore banking centers in the Caribbean to pave the way for the explosion of narcotics out of Ibero-America, then used the proceeds from the dope trade to take over the U.S. financial system. The result of this cultural, political, and financial warfare by the Brits and their pirates of the Caribbean is the creation of the largest financial bubble in world history, a giant casino which is now collapsing.

The most important of the Caribbean offshore financial centers is the Cayman Islands, a British Overseas Territory run by a royal governor appointed by Queen Elizabeth II.
Dead Crocodiles Found Beached on the Queen's Cayman Islands
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