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Default Re: OPEC! Surplus...?

Originally Posted by justgroovy View Post
I mean look at that list of countries.

I don't think there's one country on there that is genuinely a huge fan of the US, and since we use so much of the oil that is being produced it really is the best way to stick it to the US.

That of course is assuming that OPEC isn't secretly run by some sort of Illuminati based group, and if that does happen to be the case then I guess my original statement is probably what they want us to think.
Awesome post, Groovy.

I was thinkin' about how they can really stick it to us, as well because the member list certainly doesn't contain too many allies of the US.

Could it be that they want us to think America has no say within OPEC and that this is how OPEC retaliates against the US especially due to our invasion in the Middle East?

But, then again, who really pulls the strings of OPEC and could it be that many of these countries whose leaders appear not to be our friends, just might be?

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