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Default Re: Survive the 08 Meltdown

Originally Posted by NotThe1 View Post
As Congress meets today and tomorrow to grill the principals before Friday’s vote on the $700 billion “emergency” Wall Street bailout plan (which has been in the works for months but strategically dumped on us all as an “emergency”), oil companies have instituted “rolling shortages” all over the Southeast. Some areas have been out of gas for more than a week and a half, and the situation is not expected to ease until Monday at the latest. Some gas - a single tanker at a time - is being delivered to stations along the Interstates and is being strictly rationed unless it’s diesel, one station per county.

State police are managing the gas lines to prevent violence, which did break out last week in the Nashville, Tennessee area when people started cutting in line. Food prices are rising so fast the stock boys at the grocery stores can’t mark up the goods fast enough, and the specter of looming fuel shortages for winter heat - or price increases that will force people to do without - is beginning to look very scary.
The Shock Doctrine: Survive the ‘08 Meltdown
I think it's time for consolidation of your threads.

By this I mean, that if you're going to post information about Voter Fraud, it should be contained within one thread and not numerous threads about the same subject.

It appears to me that BUMPING some of the more important news is the ultimate goal here.

I'm not the moderator, our Miss Groovy is.

I'm just making an OBSERVATION!

It's what I do best.

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