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Default Re: this site is dangerouse !

Originally Posted by Anastasis View Post
that was very rude of you. i'm not sure how to take that. i'm trying to reach out to others and the community and you just come at me like that. i'm going to have to process what you've just said to me.
Hi Anastasia. Blue commented on your post, but did it within the quote marks (you can see her answers are bolded in the quote box)

Our software for some reason doesn't recognize that her comments are her comments and just thinks that they are part of your quote, so when she tried to hit the submit button vbulletin tells her "Your answer is too short!"

So she just typed in something that would satisfy the vbulletin gremlins so she could post her comments instead of disecting your quotes and her comments.

I hope this cleared things up a bit.
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