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Question The Fairness Doctrine?

This Truman-era piece of legislation is not simply outdated — it’s also part of some congressional Democrats’ plan to control speech on the radio.

The Fairness Doctrine was enacted by the Federal Communications Commission in 1949, long before the existence of the Internet, cable TV or satellite radio. It required FCC-licensed stations to “afford reasonable opportunity for the discussion of conflicting views of public importance.” While that might indeed sound “fair” on paper, the Fairness Doctrine was used by both Republican and Democratic administrations to harass critics on the radio and TV.
The Post

Today, Nancy Pelosi was pushing the "Fairness Doctrine"

Let's talk a little bit about the word "doctrine".
Doctrine (Latin: doctrina) is a code of beliefs or "a body of teachings" or "instructions", taught principles or positions, as the body of teachings in a branch of knowledge or belief system. The Greek analogy is the etymology of catechism.
Doctrine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In my opinion, the word "doctrine" has no belonging in politics. It is a word pertaining to belief.

So, are we supposed to do things according to "their" beliefs? Do we the public, get to vote on this??

The Fairness Doctrine had two basic elements: It required broadcasters to devote some of their airtime to discussing controversial matters of public interest, and to air contrasting views regarding those matters. Stations were given wide latitude as to how to provide contrasting views: It could be done through news segments, public affairs shows or editorials.
Fairness Doctrine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Um, whats wrong with raw reporting, telling the truth of the story, without injecting opinion? Just state the facts mam? Only if you give the other side equal time?

I can see it now

"Patriotic citizen holds political rally"

Contrasting view

"Antigovernment trouble maker is arrested"

What kind of authority is Pelosi after now?

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