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Originally Posted by stompk View Post
In 1994 Robert Mugabe, President of Zimbabwe, was made an honorary Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath by Queen Elizabeth II. This means he can put the letters KCB behind his name, but cannot use the title “Sir”. Since then, Robert Mugabe has gone from freedom fighter and leader of a liberation movement to dictator, despot, thug and tyrannical leader of one of the most brutal and murderous regimes in the world. | Willem Buiter’s Maverecon
I am confused

You see, I didn't realise Mugabe was a Freemason, either, but I still can't see what the Queen knighting him has to do with her being a Freemason.

And I read that link of yours, and it just seemed to be a load of stuff about the City - it didn't mention Freemasonry anywhere, either.

Clearly, I'm being very dim, but if you'd point it out a bit more clearly, I'd understand a bit better.
Originally Posted by stompk View Post
I continue to show proof. You have shown....nothing.
No, you're right, I haven't. I am very sorry about that , but if you would be kind enough to tell me what I should be showing you, then maybe I can try and sort that out. Unless it'd be rude, obviously.
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