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Default Re: Owing the Government...

Originally Posted by stompk View Post
If you have ever owed the government, (taxes, fines), you know how ruthless they can be in taking away your liberty, if you don't pay them.

Here we are, at a time when our very liberties are at stake.

With the Government buying up banks, the Government can then collect on
those who owe money to them.

bailout may be used for bonuses, dividends | Herald Sun

Think about how many people the Government has thrown in jail for tax evasion, or even inability to pay.

Think about how the Government could come and take you to jail for getting late on your house loan, car loan.

This is what we are facing, what we are up against.

PORTABLE JAIL CELL - Patent 3722152

More Pictures of the Cells
What the heck is this about?

A comment about banks using some of the $700 billion bailout to pay bonuses;

A pronouncement that citizens are facing the prospect of being thrown in jail for inability to pay a house/car loan because some banks are now owned by the government.

MOST banks are owned by the FED and the FED is not connected to the government.

Since when are people thrown in jail due to inability to pay a house loan/car loan?

A picture of a portable jail is provided.
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