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Default Re: Is the killing of Terri a globalist test to guage public acceptance of State power?

And so as the fall of the Roman Empire was inevitable because of the corruption, so will the American Empire wilt and wither. And who knows? Now that the Koreans have Nukes, maybe we will be speaking Korean next year around Christmas time. With all of this bullshit going on in the Middle East (with all of these cave men of no real power) we have been pulled off of the attention we had given ever so briefly to Sung il Moon and his war machine.

Now I speak six languages . . . not fluently, but mind you, I can go to any one of quite a number of countries on vacation, and be able to communicate quite comfortably with the citizens. Unfortunately, for my Asian language knowledge, I learned only Tagalog Filipino and Common Japanese. I guess since I speak Italian, Spanish would have been a more welcome change than Korean.

Maybe in another 1,776 years we'll have another declaration of independence, and we'll start all over again for all the right reasons.

Look at it this way . . . it was written in the bible . . . "Be wary the yellow people," and yet again, our attention was taken off of whats more important (our freedom) and put on something so frivolous (our corporations' greed). Maybe the missiles are already on their way. I just hope I'm at ground zero . . . along with my wife and child. We won't feel a thing.

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