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To All You Truthseekers who want to understand, gain insights, with the right Positive Mind, I strongly recommend this site to everyone. The site is not for profit and offers over 350 hours of Documentaries & Videos on subjects like: New World Order, Illuminati, CIA Projects, MK-Ultra-Mind Control, Ancient Egypt, Cosmology & Astronomy, Atlantis, and so much on the 2012-Phenomena that will interest Everyone every day more! I'm studying the 2012-Phenomena extensively for over 2 years now, which is nothing compared to people like Geoff Stray, who is already investigating 2012 for over 25! years, but what I learn, I want to share. Because Everyone creates his/her own world with their mind, I want to help people understanding some things better, so they're not left behind in their own unconsciousness of not knowing. I hope all you find your right path to deal with the NWO & Illuminati, and foremost I hope You'll all start looking deeper into what might/could/is gonna happen in 2012, be prepared! Much respect for the "Real Truthseekers From The Heart With Love" because "Love Is The Only Engine Of Survival"
Check The DestroyIlluminati Website here:
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"Love Is The Only Engine Of Survival"
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