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Cool Re: A new look for Club Conspiracy

Hey there, I think we need a makeover. I also think we should have a limited 1000 word limit per thread(total of responses) so that people like BA don't run away with the thread.This of course would not go against the original post. That way if BA wants to rant like in the music industry thread she would be forced to limit the BS.
Also we all should get warnings that need them. Old posts need to be erased and a new community formed. I came here because I love the conspiracy topic, but honestly, this site is boring if it is going to bash jews and judge them as satanists when those who believe in God the Most are considered devils and singled out for insult. Insult begets insult, I know, I played that way 2.
I do believe we could be a better community, but we need some real conspiracy topics. like more on 911, the moon walk,Bin Laden, Oil Lies, The raping of America, the selling of our state parks, the taxing of the poor, the filth of big bussiness, and lets use the forum to solve crime, expose criminal activity,etc.
Lets try and help other organiszations like the innocence project. You know that it is a conspiracy to wrongfully convict right?
Any way, would like to see a better community.

Sorry to all that I have offended. Today is a new day.
Been There Done That is Sorry If he is an ass, but all is fair in love and war. Lets end the war.
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