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Default Re: Historical Verdict on Bush Will Be Harsh

Originally Posted by McHub532 View Post
I'm afraid I probably misunderstood the topic.

I thought the topic was "In the future, how will people look back Historically on what George W. Bush is doing right now."

Not about why GWB is doing what he's doing right now because of his past.

Right? ?

I don't think you misunderstood the topic.

My point was that it doesn't matter to our President's how they go down in history.

They don't care what is written about them after they were President.

It is of no consequence to them.

Their actions while President and the consequences of same to the people of this country are a testament to this fact.

As far as Bush's past.

I'm certain there's much that has been covered up and, in order to keep it covered up, he serves his masters.
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