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Originally Posted by Raiderdad View Post
Sorry....but u still dint answer my 2 questions...what does dsotm stand for & what exactly was the point of the Wall-E clip?

if ya can't answer or choose not worries....I think I'll know why you choose not to.
Sorry about that, i thought i got kicked from this forum, alot of folks outright hate this idea, enough to ban me for life from several forums, but i supposed we are all programmed to continue in zealotrious denial.

Nevertheless I didnt think id get kicked for life from 75% of above mentioned forums, anyway back to your questions

DSOTM = the pink floyd album "dark side of the moon", there was a rumor you start it on the third lions roar(or the first) and the album plays through with lyrics that detail an illuminati message(i use the word illuminati in the respect that the person who sees it is usually not illuminated, thus only those with eyes to see can decipher the message, its actually very simple once you have your bearings on symbolism and their methods, usually puns, play on words, or certain masonic hand signals, an easy one to spot is the "pyramid" or "diamond" of the two thumbs and the rest of the hand forming a triangle)

The Wizard of Oz itself was written by an admitted occultist(and many believe he was an insider), you can see in the writing some of the double binds(essentially artificial confusion) he uses with the scarecrow needing a brain(but always having the best ideas) the cowardly lion(who when needed is the bravest), and the tinman who needs a heart(but is constantly the most emotional character).

Anyway, Pink Floyd's THE WALL, most likely what all hippies, beatniks, hells angels, and influential song writers abroad hail as the single album that has a complete map of human experience, and within it...

Who knows? Maybe roger waters and david gilmour are innocent men, but through some trickery/sleight of hand the entire album is corrupt with government propaganda to freemasonic symbolism(it seems like the movie "the wall" was the template for the album, rather than the other way around).

Like history can only tell, the human race is a broken record(litterally, and figuritively) of hanging out on Earth doing mostly nothing, and also annihilating one another whilst building ever more complex and dangerous technology.

Think about it, there has never been "world peace"... ever... in all of human history there is no point at which the whole world was working together and/or just not killing eachother. Couple that with the fact that we already had the technology to destroy the Earth...

...100 years ago.

Now we litterally have enough nuclear armaments to put out our entire solar system...

But, i digress, back to why Wall E and The Wall match up as they do.

Its very simple, they want you to know, the "walls" are at the End. Their psychological walls must be taken down before 2012, It is a part of Freemasonic spiritual law(funny that about wal and law, or realize and real-eyes, or history, his-story? why not, it is but a thought made action right?)

The freemasons are horrible people, so horrible the only reason they still enact "fair warning" on the general populace they are brainwashing is to hopefully catch the smart ones, use them or kill them as they see fit.

Forgive my rambling, it takes alot of context to get this idea across. You must understand that the reason the illuminati became so prevalent was because over many years people had been planted in newspapers and any other form of promotion. As influential writers and role-models for the public(I E the public would follow like sheep) they were in a unique position to rile up the people at will, thus the government could get away with any war it wanted, which is quite the profitable business if you dont lose.

Not only that, but the people worked hard knowing if they didnt they could very well be bombed.

Then, the widespread use of radio became its own propaganda machine. So powerful it even denied the inventor for 30 years...

look up the Marconi/Tesla case, The supreme court ruled for tesla because his patent of the "tesla coil" was the first wireless power transmission system, and could not only project radio waves, but also power lightbulbs, and if large enough even for miles away...

In any case it wasnt long before the ability to create one massive network of propaganda arose in the form of the television...

The cathode ray tube, ever wonder why it has a maltese cross at one end?
Do you really think they invented it for "your" entertainment/news? Or if they did do that, who do you think has the money to keep it going?
Here's one for ya, Hollywood, otherwise known as "ancient druidic wand used to cast spells on the audience"... look what came out of hollywood then and now.

Sorry, NOW, back to the Wizard of Oz, Judy Garland plays Dorothy, and in a song in the movie references "the side of the moon you cannot see"
Judy Garland dies, 1969, the year Apollo 11 touches the face of the moon...

Dark side of the moon comes out 1973... and wouldn't you know it a "rumor" with aparently no origin says if you play it with the Wizard of Oz 1939 a strange effect is had.

This would mean the album was written as a score, with enough bells and whistles to keep the populace with only part the "true" meaning. And why is it that there arent alot of people who "get" pink floyd?

Well, maybe it was all part of the plan, honestly i cant tell you all the messages that are embedded, its not as simple as that.

I can tell you that the E(5th letter of the alphabet, 22nd from last) V(roman numeral, 22nd letter of the alphabet, and 5th from last) and trinity theme is damn prevalent.

EVE is the name of the female robot of the film, she is based on a cell phone, and is opened by a robotic arm that types in a 5 digit code(in the form of a pentagram, have to watch closely), a GREEN symbol on her chest irepresents the TRINITY of the godhead(with stem its just a christian cross) the opening is followed by the stock sound "the matrix" used as the "glitch" soundeffect...
In The Wall/WALLE synced vid of the song "mother"(EVE, biblical)(all of the above is happening as the song starts with a DIAL TONE)

In the opening scene of "the matrix" what do we see?

TRINITY running from three agents, in order to escape she has to make it to a "telephone booth"(which happens to be green) she stands in front of a brick wall, and before traveling through to the "real world"... holds up her hand.

the 5's WALL (E) EVE
the trinity within EVE, holds the plant that brings the humans "back to earth" she is based on a phone!
the three agents, trinity within the telephone booth and... brick wall.

In V for vendetta(2 5's) the female characters name is EVEY(5/22 22/5 5/22 Y = 25/2 alphabetical order)

The 5th of November?
The premise of the movie? The government should fear the people, and "there is no such thing as coincidence"?

When you are watching the vids, you might want to keep track of the song name, for instance Another brick in the wall pt 1's ending is when WALL E becomes a part of his "wall" in the form of... a "brick"...

Hidden in plain sight is the moto, its been that way for a long time.
It would help you to know that a hexagon is infact actually a cube in 2 dimentions with center point as foreground and background, and the cube is a huge symbol.

Bill and teds excellent adventure... a poster,

A telephone booth, and keanu's legs frame "one".

So much for the joke about bill and teds being a prequel to "the matrix"...

I chose the above to illustrate yet another way to represent a symbol, as you can see this is a hallway, and at the end are three agents, you can plainly see this.

What you see but dont register is this...

The shape is the same, minus four sides, as you can see in the above pyramids of egypt actually have 8 sides, 4 convex and 4 corners.

The "pyramid" is just another trigger, to remind your subconscious self that you are at the bottom, not the top where the "eye" is given light to see by.

hope this clears a bit up.

EDIT: forgot to add that the three agents are also within a "cube/square", another representation of the trinity of the godhead.
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