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Default Re: Disney manipulation

Raiderdad said:

& to think here I was just about ready to remove myself from this "group"....I say "group" b/c it seems there's really only a few here (at best) who post on a regular basis...speaking of which....was that yuor alias that got banned for a coupa weeks....was it Leonardo? Is that another one of your ally's? If so, you may know that I was not in favor of that....needless censorship.....typical over reaction by one who has a few issues...& sad to know that someone like this has the power to ban someone....a very sad statement of the parnoia that exists in our society.


I don't think you should speak about JustGroovy in this manner.

However, if you are, by any chance, referring to me, I suggest you let go of the fact that Leonardo was banned and come to terms with the truth that he was not banned because of any power you think I might have on this forum.

I'm a member and a contributing poster.

That's about as far as my power exerts itself.

Did it destroy you that badly to see Leonardo take a vacation for a while?

Can you carry on without him?

I highly doubt that because he was being rude; asked to cease and desist and banned because he didn't, constitutes paranoia on the part of JustGroovy for banning him or paranoia on the part of ANYONE, myself included, who complained about his embedded videos.

This site isn't a democracy so whether or not you were in favor of his banning doesn't really matter.

It's up to the moderator to decide who is banned and who is not.

The rest of us don't figure into the decision making around here as far as banning is concerned.
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