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Default Re: Disney manipulation

Originally Posted by Raiderdad View Post
Give it a rest already BA....I din't reply to your last post b/c I aint gonna waste anymore time on you....u aint worth what lil time I do have to post on such a silly forum as this.

Actually, tis you who should give it a rest, but you seem to go out of your way to waste your precious time on me, although you are adamant that you do not desire to do so, by making negative comments about me, which you know will illicit a response. Seems you've created a vicious cycle for yourself, but one which you can break by not straying from the topic at hand and thus turning the subject matter into me and/or by using the IGNORE feature on this site.

& quite frankly.....I wasn't even posting to butt out already....u sure seem as if u r quite lonely & thus seek any attn at all...wether it be negative or positive.

Quite frankly, you were speaking about me, so I took the opportunity to respond as anyone should when they are being unjustly criticized. If you didn't want me to respond to you, you wouldn't stray from the topic at hand and make me, at some point, the subject matter of your comment. The truth of the matter is that you are seeking NEGATIVE attention from me and not I from you.

So get over it, Leonardo & whatever silly lil issues u have that u can not resolve on your own....I'm sorry for all your insecurities but I dont have the time nor want to deal w/em. I aint your analyst...but perhaps that'd be a career w/good job security....note to

I'm over it, but you appear to be unable to comprehend the fact that Leonardo was banned. Why so preoccupied with Leonardo? You don't need to be sorry for me about anything and I certainly do not display any insecurities and, if I did, I wouldn't look to you to deal with them. I don't have nor do I need an analyst, so I won't be supplying you with job security. But, please go ahead and make that note to yourself.

At any rate....pls, as stated b4......IGNORE ME & I'll do the same for me, u will be happier....unless of course u thrive off negative attn....& if that's the case....sorry, you wont be gettin any from I already told pls......GO AWAY already. TYVM!!

I will ignore you if I so chose. If you make comments about me, I will respond. It is my decision and my decision alone. I'm completely happy whether I ignore you or not. My happpiness doesn't depend on you, pal. This is an internet forum with anonymous posters and you're taking it a little bit too personal. If you think you're giving me negative attention and I thrive on it, I suggest you re-read my first rebuttal. Tis you who is seeking MY NEGATIVE attention.

I'm merely responding to a NEGATIVE comment you made about me.

Sorry, but I'll be sticking around.

Like I said, if you don't want to converse with me, stay on the topic at hand and discontinue bringing me into the subject matter and/or use the IGNORE feature.

Oh, yes this message will be too short because I have replied within the quotes.

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