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Default Re: Do you have a Facebook page etc You belong to Big Brother Period!!

Originally Posted by Ozziecynic View Post
Any one here have a Face book site or similar personal profile page online is playing right into the hands of big bro agencies both gov and private(both the sameanyway) I guess you dont even realise how easy it is for them to know all about you and track your personal life simply by having one these corny pages.
Your falling right into their hands, plus they have all the power and right in the world to do as they wish with your personal details provided and will keep your page up on the web and you will not be able to delete it ever.
Also anyone whom has one of these sites even a blog has far to much time on their hands i find it hard enough just trying to find time to post on cc. I guess it means those that have them just dont work or study hard enough during the week or are just full time bludgers.
Personally I am glad i dont have one these corny Face book pages or similar and just for any spooks or agents of "KOOL" scrolling cc reading this ill give you heads up now by saying I have no intention of ever getting one so track others all you like I am not going to make easy for you to know or track me down. I never fell for sex, drugs,pop/dance or any other pop cultural fake revolutions freaky and gay & morally degenerate sites Lavalife ,adult matchamker,etc etc, and will not fall for this crap either.
I wonder which would be worse:

1. Having a corny Facebook page and offering up a very common and boring explination of your life and looking like just one of the sheep whom they feel they have under control and can just ignore.


2. Writing a parnoid piece on a conspiracy website.

I wonder which one big brother will spend more assets on to 'deal with'? ?
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