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Default Re: Disney manipulation

Originally Posted by Raiderdad View Post
wow...guess I sure have been told.....wadda lost being you are....& for that, I am sorry for you.

So much for ignorning me. Guess you thrive on negative attention.

I'm lost?

That would be the last thing I am and as far as you feeling sorry for me, pal, don't waste your time. That's what a person with low self-esteem says to person who doesn't possess the same.

& so that u r clear.....u will be ignored as being marginalized is even given you too much go ahead & reply to any comments of mine if it makes you feel any better.....wont change the facts....which are clear u have no comperehension go forth & continue to spew your hilarious spin....& censor the earth for all I care.....after all.....we need folks like you to protect us...LMAO!!!


I've been marginalized?

Obviously, not.

You've said I would be ignored more times than I can count, but you're not heeding your own words.

Oh, please.

Replying to your comments doesn't make me feel better. I feel nothing about it whatsoever.

I'm simply typing words on a computer.

What facts won't my comment change?

Must say you hit the nail on the head with that statement.

My comprehension is outstanding.

Thank you.

My spin?


That's hilarious.

I don't spin, pal.

What's the deal with you and this censoring thing?

I've censored no one.

Get over it.

I cannot submit my reply unless I comment outside of the quote.
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