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Originally Posted by Raiderdad View Post
As made metnion in earlier posts....would love to hear some justification behind anyone's thots on the matter.

However to simply say "it's full of crap" is more than fine by me but does it really say y u feel as such? you have any credible evidence as to y u feel this way? Or is it just a feeling u have?

Thx for the input however....& if you choose to site w/credible evidence/referrence as to why u feel as such, thank you in advance for justifying your beliefs in a way that spurs on further discussion.

I'd really like to change my views on the matter but wont do so until theres concrete evidence supporting otherwise...& this is 1 reason why I came here w/this hear credible oppoisng views & a healthy discussion.....unlike what has occured here w/Blue Angel....not sure why this individual gets so bent oudda shape over such minor off topic issues? I guess I shouldn't speak my mind if it offends others....whatever....but I'm pretty sure now that I made mention of the "Angel" she'll answer here w/some rant defending her actions b/c having the last word evidently is priority

But I digress....Thx again Time = Now for any further comments....& if none, thx for the reply jus the same on the issue.

Excuse me, but there you go again injecting my name into your comment.

How 'bout you stay on topic.

Obviously the topic of this thread is not me.

You speak your mind and others reply.

Get use to it.

That's what occurs on an internet forum.

That is.

Unless you think you have the right to speak your mind and everyone else doesn't.

Obviously, you're the one who is bent out of shape because my opinions differ from your opinions.
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