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Default Re: Zeitgeist Addendum is full of CRAP!

Originally Posted by Raiderdad View Post
Hey jus curious......noticed the locale you put down.....if ya dont mind me askin.....where/what's Terra III?

I'm not up (obvisouly) on the Sci-Fi field...if indeed that's what Terra III is assoc with?
It's called Planet Earth, & has nothing to do with Sci-Fi. (III , being the third Planet).

And to answer the other people here, who clearly don't listen to the Alex Jones show every day as I do, because I am doing extensive research 20/7 & I have to take a look at everything; He had Peter on, the creator of Zeitgeist & the points are as follows:

---> The film is full of suggestions that the elite are calling for, such as a world religion & to give up our lives to technology; the chip.

Start here:

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