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Default Re: this site is dangerouse !

Originally Posted by BeenThereDoneThat View Post
Oh that? lol...
Where would we be with no conflict?
Would not be much of a conspiracy forum would it?
By the way, you letting Leonardo back soon? I miss being antagonized.
Great day to ya all!
Flaming me is accepted and ok by me, I have learned to like this forum because of the contructive conflicts. Now I am a hypocrite huh?
Oh well, aren't we all in our best moments.I feel excited abour something... OBAMA!

Today I saw a new joke...
A panhandler walks into a voting booth to vote for Obama.(end joke)
Oh, yeah.

That's real funny.


Seems to me you would be a low life the same as Anastasia for laughing about his rude comment.

That comment for which I called him a low life.

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