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Default Re: this site is dangerouse !

Originally Posted by BeenThereDoneThat View Post
I believe what he was really saying is that it is hard to believe what you say. Thats what I meant anyhow. Cant remember what is is or was about you that stands out other than you think your an angel and you used to be a roadie for Bruce. Something like that anyway.Who and what are you again?Blue what? I forgot as well. Werent you a Green River victim?
No I think it was that you think your Ted Bundys ex? No, No No, thats not it either.

Oh, please. Anastasia said exactly what he was trying to say. What? Does he need you to interpret for him?

Oh, here we go.

You suggest that I think I'm an angel because my user name is BlueAngel? Give me a break. It's not literal.

You think I use to be a ROADIE for Springsteen. My, are you confused. Nothing like that, actually. I refer you to the Mind Control within the Music Industry thread. That'll set you straight.

I have no clue what a Green River victim is, but perhaps you should stop drinking from it because it must be polluted with something that causes one, like yourself, unable to make sense.


You're right.

I never thought I was Ted Bundy's ex.

Oh yes, your the one that was such a frealing sex addict that you blame it on Britain...Yes Yes...I remeber that BS story! Nice to hear from you! Still have no shame?
Satrical as most always.

You have problems, pal.

What drug are you on?

You're blathering on and on about me being this, that and the other thing which has no basis in fact.

Fabrications of your warped mind, I suppose.

Especially your last comment about me being a sex addict and you remembering the story.


What story?

Please do tell.

Oh, nevermind, don't.

Spare us.

It'll be a figment of your imagination.


No shame.
How 'bout you?

Got shame?

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