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Default Re: Kucinich Continues Investigation of Bail-Out Bonuses

Originally Posted by NotThe1 View Post
Dennis Kucinich, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Domestic Policy is pressing his efforts to head off an avalanche of Wall Street bailout bonuses. Recent reports indicate bonuses and other compensation packages paid by financially troubled firms receiving government assistance could reach into the t More..ens of billions of dollars.

Today he released a letter sent to Congressman Henry Waxman, Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, asking that the Full Committee move quickly to investigate how bailout funds are being spent by the financial service companies participating in Treasury’s capital purchase program.

“It would be an affront to taxpayers and shareholders alike if Wall Street executives cashed in on the bailout. We must prevent the diverted directly or indirectly of bailout funds to bonuses and exorbitant compensation packages,” he said.

Congressman Kucinich, an opponent to the bailout, has been a leader in calling for stringent oversight on money spent through the bailout program. He asked for the leadership of the Full Committee to ensure that the resources necessary to investigate are available. The Subcommittee will remain a key part of the investigation.
Kucinich Continues Investigation of Bail-Out Bonuses
Thank GOD for Kucinich.

Good thing they've got a watch dog "politician" in the goverment for THEM who will portray to the American people that he's on top of all the corruptness and will attempt to do something about it.

I mean, with Kucinich and Springsteen looking out for the people, we can't help by feel protected, eh?

Kucinich, like Ron Paul is nothing more than a "scare crow" or straw man.

They make the people think they're doing something to fight the enemy.

It's all a show.

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