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Default Re: Disney manipulation

As a famous Nazi Propaganda agent once said "if we lead the people there will never be a question on who is in charge, nor will their be a question of what they believe to be the truth."
-cant remember who said this one, wish i did.

If roger waters isn't a part of the freemasons, then he is surely a product of mind control, how many artists rose to the top only to sell their soul? Well, maybe it was forcibly taken from them rather than given up.

Id like to quote another famous propaganda agent...
"The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists."
-- J. Edgar Hoover

Mind you this was hoover, who was meeting with frank costello and esentially setting up the mob/US drug running. No joke's here, if you want to know exactly what the NWO is i suggest the poem

"hadda be playin on the jukebox"
-by Alan Ginsberg. Along with Jack Karouac(spelt wrong, cant figure it at the moment...), and William Burroughs these three political poets and writers esentially shaped the "beatnik" intellectual persona, and without them we never would have seen the 60's and 70's so active when it came to wartime policy.

These people fought for peace before the "counter-culture" became commercialized.

Now the counter-culture is exactly what they tell you it is on TV, ironic no?

But anyway, back to Roger waters, im sorry that i have to tell you the people you admire are not on your team, i didnt even want to believe it when i found out, i was and still am a huge Floyd fan, you can imagine that it is no easy task to understand that the major media icons of today's youth(IE the counter-culture) is just another Mickey Mouse Club mind control machine...

This is the problem with a country that has no chance against its own military/industrial complex. Especially when it owns the oil that runs the world.

There is another saying, "there is a thin line between entertainment and war", and to be true about it we are at war now... and there is nothing stopping our military... a few small groups of 9/11 "truthers" who really did nothing but follow the enemy into the enemies trap so that everyone else could conclude that fire can bring down steel buildings... so that they would see in Popular Mechanics the words that detail the "conspiracy theories" and enough dehumanization to play on the guilt of the readers heart(I E by being a conspiracy theororist and not believing the official reports you are desecrating the graves of the 2000 innocent people who died on 9/11, thus you are not human, thus any normal person does not need to give creedance to your opinion that the US did it all)

Just to note: Who owns PM? why a US military defence contractor, AKA the Hearst Corporation, which owns many a newspaper and magazine and who's top-ranking officials are bilderbergers and Bohemian Grove members...

Its all the same stuff thats been happening for ages, wars are only fought to keep the population from reaching a point that it could overthrow the powers that be... the powers that create the illusion of seperate entities and forces, all the while a part of the same grand scheme to keep the people under control.

Its a sick world out there, truly we have underestimated the ambition of human wickedness.

If you want more just look at Eminem's music vids, "white america" is a good one to start...

count how many times you see the red/white brainwashed stripes the kids wear these days, or the pyramid and eye that is right off the bat in the first 10 seconds...

Its all symbolism and propaganda, for the purpose of keeping the populace in a prison they cannot even see, a prison for the mind so that it cannot see truth, and cannot discern reality.

It is a known fact that within the first 5 minutes of watching television(that is the FIRST time you ever watch TV) the human brainwave patterns change from alpha to beta, and soon afterward(45 minutes) reaches full-on theta brainwave patterns(IE information is being absorbed without inner judgement). This means that your subconscious for the first time is absolutely open to have foreign ideas implanted within it, and it works so well most people NEVER understand that they were being jipped.

You can see that TV rots away any vestige of attention span that may have existed before its appearance, Nowadays the news has 3 tickers, a fast talking robot newscaster(watch the news in a language you dont understand, the speech pattern and rythm is the same, a strange oddity dont you think?) and plenty of randomly crappy CGI anims, all there to confuse and warp the perceptions of the viewer.

Its simply the roman games all over again, the gladiators who battle in the arena and die for the publics distraction, whislt the corrupt government runs amuck and conquers the world.

Nothing has changed because they have had us by the balls for hundreds of generations and more. It only takes 300 years of devoted service and "faith" in an idea to genetically program the human to accept what his forefathers did, and this was 6000 years ago!

Just look how easy it was in the fabulous time of peace known as "the dark ages" where inbetween disease, famine, rats, and modly bread there was a daily challenge in staying alive. Who happened to be in charge?
The Catholic Church, instituted by only those who could read and write, the roman royal bloodlines...

Exactly as the Egyptian pharoahs and kings made their way into the Roman heirarchy, and as the European royal lines came to possess america...

thats why we have the "eye of horus" on top of a pyramid on the back of the dollar bill, its the most root symbol of populace control that there is.

Like i always say, if you want to understand the Occult you need look no farther than the american government, these people have gotten real good at it.

Hope this helps, but truly watching the vids with the right eye is an amazing journey, watching any movie with the right eye can be quite the adventure.

This is because the person seeing the message for the first time runs into a strange quandry, the movie is also written FOR him/her. You see the "trinity" is a very real concept, the father, the mother, and the "holy ghost"

You are the holy ghost, that is the individual self is the holy ghost. You can see it in the first WALL E vid, where rogers says "is something eluding you sunshine, is this not what you expected to see?"

"if you wanna fight out whats behind these cold eyes, youl just have to claw your way through this disguise."

Hes talking to you. The person begining to understand that the world is not as it seems, it is as it is.

Alright thats enough for now, i hope you can see for yourself what i mean, Its a long, complicated story full of holes, history is. I find one massive problem however, and it is that there is no definite "begining" of human history, its like the human race randomly awoke to consciousness and began killing eachother without thought of consequence. We never sought a balance as every other being on this planet does(minus ants, which tempts me to believe we may have a common trait), to the contrary infact we have only ever seemed to want to destroy our own planet, and anyone can see that self-hatred drives the propaganda of today.

Jackass/bam margera is even glorifying it outright, whereas usually its there but hidden or given reason.
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