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Question Heinrich Metzger conspiracy

Okay guys, I’m kinnda new to this forum, but I need some help figuring some things out, and I thought this would be a good place to start.
Let me tell you what happened:
I live in London<ST1</ST1, and am into urban exploring, you know, going through old sewer systems, abandoned factories, that sort of thing.
Anyway, the other week I was in the basement of an abandoned office building, and I found a room full of filling cabinets and old papers.
I searched through them, but they were all to old and faded to read, except one box, which I took home and sifted through, what found was pretty crazy, and I was hopping if you guys could help me make sense of it. The papers are from about 30yrs ago, and are about organizations in Nazi Germany and MI5 (British Intelligence)
I haven’t gone through all of the files yet, but this is the main idea:
Back in 1938, a year before the start of World War 2, Hitler created the Paranormale Forschungsorganisation (Paranormal Research Organization in English).
He put in charge of this organization Heinrich Metzger, an SS officer, whose job it was to investigate paranormal activity and use it to further the Third Reich.
At the start of WW2, Hitler started Project Nacht Wolf (Project Night Wolf).
The role of Night Wolf was to convert any paranormal knowledge into weapons for the German Army.
During the early years of the war, they dealt with research into telekinesis, but when the Germans captured Egypt, a research team was sent to study the pyramids.
This is where it gets weird:
The research team supposedly found something under the pyramids, (the do***ents don’t say what), but it was so important they moved it back to Germany<ST1.
When the Allies closed in on Germany, the thing they found was moved to an unknown location, and when British forces found the PRO HQ, all the men there were burning files and papers, and only a few were saved, this detailed the PRO’s research into what they found in Egypt, and its applications into weaponry.
The files were handed over to British intelligence, which realised the knowledge they could learn from this information, and began Project Blackwolf, who would continue Night Wolf’s research.
Okay, it sounds weird, I know. I think the files I found were written by Blackwolf, and the basement was used as there HQ once upon a time.
So, does anyone know about Project Night Wolf or Blackwolf, or anything about Metzger or the Paranormal Research Organization?
I’d appreciate any help; I’ll go through some more do***ents and see what I can find.
Come back to this thread for more information.

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