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Arrow Socialism in the US???

What is socialism?

Have you seen the movie Sicko, by Michael Moore? It is very good, and it takes a hard look at socialist health care.

I lived in Sweden for a year, and experienced socialism. I feel it is a good thing. Free healthcare, better transportation systems, neat areas where you can grow a garden, etc.

And one would think the government could become too powerful, but it seems to me that the people still have a strong, if not stronger, say in what happens to their efforts.

In the US, we already have a form of socialismm. It's called social security. We all pay into a fund that we "should" all be able draw from at some time. When my father died, my mother received some social security for my sister and I until we turned 18. We much appreciated it.

Capitalism, to me, has become a method for the greedy to stay on top, while the "average Joe" receives less and less. The government has seperated itself from US and has taken the position that the wealth and prosperity of this country is theirs to distribute. How do they distribute it?

They give it to the wealthy (banks), so that the wealth can "lend" it to the rest of the citizens, whose taxes actually run this country. How did the wealthy get wealthy? First, by hording, and then by lending. So now, they are hording, and then they will lend, our money to us?

Doesn't anyone see the irony in this?

I think it's time to start caring for others, as much as we care for ourselves. And for God's sake, stop worshipping the rich. They are the ones who are in trouble.

Socialism as an organized political movement in the United States began with utopian communities in the early 19th century and later became closely tied to the Socialist Labor Party (founded in 1876) and the Socialist Party of America (formed in 1901). Influenced by revolutionary European thinking and gaining momentum from distraught workers and oppressed minorities, the Socialist Party managed to successfully run hundreds of candidates for various positions around the nation for several decades. However, it faced severe government repression and eventually broke apart and declined in the 1920s

Perform random acts of kindness on strangers who are in need.

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