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Default Re: Is the word porno really that bad?

I already have my own personal theory as to who and what our precious 'Emma' is.

A real bber would have been on my post like a rat on a cheeto. But no, 'Emma' seems to be aloft in the sundry quite a bit and makes her 'circuit' here only once in a while.

However, she does bring up a good social programming issue.

Here's what I see for the future of PORNO PROGRAMMING.

First it was just smut mags, snuff films, and VHS tapes.

Then the advent of cable porn flics.

Next came the great advent of internet porn.

So here's what I figure, they've been trying to warp everyone into sexual deviancy for quite a while now. They've made a ton of money, but that just isn't good enough. Now they are trying to get everyone to 'make' porn in they're own pig pen.

I think I get it. I am supposed to take my 'girlfriend' to see this 'Romantic Comedy', and then like monkey see monkey do, we giggle and giggle and giggle and get really horny and say to one another, Hey 'Mari', why don't WE make a PORNO too and post it on youtube, huh huh, hee hee, har har! Won't that be 'FUN', won't that be 'FUNNY' "PORNO' = 'FUNNY'. 'PORNO' = 'ROMANTIC'. 'PORNO' = 'MONEY'.

Here is an example of illuminati social programming 101.

P.S. Dear 'Emma', is the word Dumb or Ignorant really that bad?
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