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Default Re: Is the word porno really that bad?

Originally Posted by Emma Smith View Post
LOL! Look, can we just talk about the movie??
Truthfully we are supposed to IP ban sitepimpers/spammers, but I've not done that to you just because you do make the effort to come back and answer in these threads.

I know it will break Leonardo's heart to know you are a 28 year old dude, but I think a little pain now will save him from the lifetime of hurt that comes with unrequited love.

your pal,


PS I give Zack And Miri a 7.5 (with the extra .5 for using the MC Chris classic Fett's Vette in the movie) not as good as Clerks II but it was good.

PPS Sorry BA, please don't be mad at me because I enjoy cringe humor.
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