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Default Re: Destroying the community

Yes, i agree with him. Particularly in the American experience.

They're actually trying to bring electronic voting in here. Amazingly, considering the differing opinions, every one of the politions here from the left/right did'nt want a bar of it. From ALL political spectrums they ALL said "It was a dismal failure in the U.S".

It's a hard choice to make...whether to join in or drop out. Chomsky would say that dropping out amounts to suicide and that the political system is the only voice of the little people no matter how flawed...yes but how flawed does it have to get Noam and where were you on the electronic voting?

Whatever the individual my country your vote is still counted but i have only ever voted once. My heart just is'nt in it.

The closest I came to voting was the recent Federal election and only because the Labor leader (Democrat) was Mark Latham. A man who called Bush "the most inept President in living memory" and John Howard and the Liberals (Republicans) "a conga line of arse lickers".

Joe Vialls claims threats were made on his life. I believe it. He completely dissapeared overnight from political life.

He was blessed and cursed with a propensity to tell it like it is...and paid the price.

So why vote?

I'd prefer the option to opt out. Those that want to stay, good luck to you.

But will they leave us alone? My only worry.
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