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Default The Ark Of The Covenant Has Been Found!!!

The ark of the covenant has been found. It was found in a cave right under the crucifixion site of Jesus, at the skull of Golgotha by Ron Wyatt. When Jesus died, there was an earthquake that split the Earth, and an eclipse happened. His blood ran down this fissure and onto the ark of the covenant below. All pictures and video that were taken of the ark are obscured by a yellow cloud of smoke that wasn't there at the time of the pictures being taken. The blood that was found on the ark was examined. Everybody has 46 chromosones. The blood that was found had 24 cromosones, 23 from the mother, and 1 Y chromosone from the Father, God. After further examination this blood was found to be STILL ALIVE!!! (after being there for 2000 years)
This is indeed the blood of Jesus. Research this on youtube.

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