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Default Re: Military Investigates Amnesia Beams

Humans used as lab rats and guniea pigs.

It sickens me that the person who wrote this piece actually refers to the humans they used for experimention as rats.

When Bill Clinton made his public apology to those American citizen's who were unwittingly used for experimentation at military bases, hospitals and institutions, this is a part of what he is referencing.

But, there is much more, I'm certain and, so, too, are you.

The reason military bases were often used by the PIGS for the testing of their secret, silent and invisible weapons, was because, of course, they were being developed by the military and were and still are SECRET to a certain degree.

I have written about some of the experimentation that I recalled on the MKULTRA/Project Monarch thread.

I was told that I was helping the government when I questioned, resisted, insisted they cease and desist.

I was assisting the government against the enemy in developing these weapons, they said.

I would be paid for my services someday in the form of a position within military, the government, music industry, journalism, what have you.

Or, just PAID in greenbacks to keep my mouth shut because the aforementioned didn't impress me much.

Sign on the dotted line.

Settle the matter with a "gag" order attached.

I could not be bought with money.

I was threatened with being targeted with some of these secret, silent and invisible weapons for the rest of my life since I refused any of their offers and escaped their imprisonment.

I believe this has been the case and that my family members are targeted, as well.

That, too, was a threat.

If I was to marry; have children; we would all be targets especially if I began to recover my memories.

These weapons produce a myriad of symptoms that appear out of nowhere and without explanation; unconnected to any dis-EASE.

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