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Default Re: Cyborg Girl - Boku no kanojo wa saib˘gu (2008)

Transformers (2007)

[...]personifying robots no doubt earns the sympathy of many young and naive viewers and there stands nothing in the way of viewers to even identify with the robots. Depicting robots sympathetically and which have literally superhuman powers reads like an effective advertisement regarding the merger of man and machine. By making robots come across as friendly and protective (the Autobots only though, not the Decepticons) the viewer is predictively programmed to look favorable towards a future in which man will be drawn closer to machine either by augmenting machines with human characteristics or by endowing humans with machine like qualities facilitated by neural implants. In short, humanizing machines while dehumanizing man. The latter is a most worrisome prospect to anyone preferring to be a flesh-and-blood sentient human being who enjoys his or her autonomic mind and takes pride in his or hers individuality, as opposed to being an essentially soulless and unconditionally obedient machine reminiscent of a human.

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