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Originally Posted by justgroovy View Post
I don't mind debate, and I don't mind people disagreeing with each other about anything. Hey, you can even call me a jerk face meanie and I most likely wouldn't get all that mad. But once you use some of the language our friend avictim used in his emails to me, well then I do have a problem.

As for deleting threads, yes I can delete a thread, move a thread, edit a thread, etc. CG policy is to not do that though unless the circumstances are extenuating. This thread hadn't had anything new posted in it for 5 days and most likely wouldn't have been paid any more attention to if he would have just dropped the matter entirely.

He came looking for advice, I think we all tried to give him some, he didn't like the advice and so wanted the thread closed? Doesn't make a whole lotta sense to me.
I'm quite pleased that you don't mind debate or people disagreeing with each other cause that's a fact of life.

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