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Originally Posted by BeenThereDoneThat View Post
About erasing posts. It can be done with some tweaking of the M.O.

for instance...edit the original post and leave at least a word or two. Any way, ths forum as Leonardo put it, is a museum,

Are you telling me that avictim doesn't know that an EDIT features exists on this board and has to be informed of such by you? Please tell us as how one tweaks the M.O.

I , being completely anti Christian, realize that we all execute each others character when we do not respect each other.Some here will gladly make a truce, something all of us should consider.Some arent there yet. All relationships can grow from hatred to love though...some of my best friends started out as my enemies.

Huh? All relationships can grow from hatred to love. You're kidding, right? You can't seriously believe this.

Peace to all and may tomorrow bring more understanding and better tollerance of Jews and the firm faith that Jesus is not the messiah/ or vice verse. We do have a right to disagree. We should always consider the points of view of others and allow them to speak with a moderate response from us as a reply.

Again I sound like a hypocrite, but honestly I hope for members to get along better. Name calling directly should not be tolerated by you. Feel free to reprimand me and BA...someday she will understand that its ok to like me/and vise verse.

You don't sound like a hypocrite, you must be as you have referred to yourself as such about million times thus far. I have no feeling for you whatsover; like or dislike. You're an anonymous poster on an internet forum and that is the only understanding I will ever have of you.

JG, you truly have helped me to be more tollerable,so...thanx

Tolerable of what?

If it's so intolerable for you on this site, why don't you just leave?

Ooops!!!! My replies are contained inside and thus too short and the reason I am now typing outside of the quote cause this gosh darn EBulletin, or whatever it is, shows ME no respect.

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